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CargoShot Selected for Procopio LaunchPad Incubator

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

San Diego, CA November 2022 - CargoShot Inc. is pleased to announce that after a competitive screening process, it has been selected to participate in the 2022-2023 Procopio LaunchPad cohort.

According to Jon Van Winkle, President of CargoShot, “We are thrilled to be selected to participate in Procopio’s LaunchPad Incubator program. LaunchPad has a long and successful history of assisting companies in their early formation and growth, as well as guiding them to successful early-stage funding rounds.”

CargoShot has developed the premier application for documenting and tracking “proof of condition” for freight moving through the supply chain, across shipping, receiving, and cross-dock operations. Users now have the ability to verify multiple aspects of freight condition, including labeling, packaging, handling, and loading. CargoShot proactively saves shippers and logistics providers thousands of dollars in fines, penalties, and freight claims with each shipment.

“We believe that CargoShot has the right experienced management and technical team and the necessary innovative technology platform to be very successful and to make a real difference in their market”, says Mike Kinkelaar, a corporate partner at Procopio and a member of the LaunchPad advisory team.

Since 2012 Procopio LaunchPad has selected an annual cohort of carefully chosen entrepreneurs from numerous applicants for inclusion in their in-house incubator. The incubator is housed in Procopio’s Del Mar Heights office in the heart of San Diego’s high-technology community. The LaunchPad program runs for nine months, with participants progressing through the formative stages of business development and leaving the incubator positioned for further growth and success.

LaunchPad participants receive tailored corporate and intellectual property legal services to successfully position their companies for outside funding. They do so while benefiting from complimentary office space and back-office business support including conference rooms and other amenities.

Participating entrepreneurs also benefit from education on key topics—including valuation, funding, intellectual property strategy, employment issues, and strategic positioning, all intended to enable a strong exit. LaunchPad also includes access to Procopio Business Advisors, which includes successful entrepreneurs and investors, as well as experts in finance, marketing, and other critical areas for emerging-growth companies.

Learn more about CargoShot at or call us at 803-701-0678.


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