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The movement of goods via plane, truck, train, and ship presents risks during transit and at each transfer point.  This includes the possibility of freight having missing/partial labels or freight being lost, mishandled, mislabeled, or damaged. Carriers can have difficulty finding and linking data points to the condition of the cargo.  


Let’s look at several of the challenges that carriers face:

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Frequently carriers get blamed even when the actual damage or mishandling occurred outside their control. As these erroneous charges accumulate, they have a significant negative impact on a carrier’s bottom-line financial results. 


Without a viable “proof of condition” solution or a properly annotated and signed Bill of Lading, carriers cannot hold the “right” providers accountable and may end up carrying the burden of these costly damages, fines, penalties, and chargebacks. 


  • Load not secured properly, goods shift during transit.

  • Goods are not packaged properly, resulting in damage from the constant pounding of bumpy roads, ship motion, and vehicle braking due to the weight of product stacked on itself.

  • Poor wrapping.  Insufficient wrap to maintain pallet integrity. 

  • Product not secured to the pallet and contained with stretch wrap, banding, or netting.

  • Product damaged at transfer points such as cross docks, rail yards, and ports.
    Product not labeled correctly to ensure items stay together and arrive at the required destination.

  • Missing, torn, or partial labels.

  • Load shifted by poor driving and accidents.

  • Product damaged by equipment during loading or unloading.

  • Concealed damage that occurred during the picking and shipping process from the manufacturer or warehouse.

  • Wrong product loaded or delivered.
    Condition of product at delivery.




CargoShot provides an easy-to-use enterprise-wide solution documenting “proof of condition” for cargo as it moves through ports, railyards, cross docks, warehouses, trailers, and delivery.  While it’s common to take photos of damaged or mishandled freight, it’s far less common to document the condition of freight at each transfer point before it’s been damaged or mishandled.  

The CargoShot mobile application is accessible from any Internet-equipped mobile device. Workers capture load and order-specific data along with photographs of pallets, cases, packaging, and trailer information to document visual proof of condition.  The result is a documented chain of condition that can be used to easily identify where and when freight has been mishandled and identify the responsible party.  

Managers, supervisors, customer service representatives, and other authorized users can easily access relevant data via our online dashboard.   Team members can locate photos by BOL number, Order number, Carrier, Trailer #, Load #, date, and other dimensions.  CargoShot creates a secure link that can be shared via email to any party in the resolution process.  No more large files to attach and clog your email network.  No error messages about file size. No more long email uploads or downloads and no worries about photo manipulation.  

CargoShot provides carriers with concrete data and a defensible position against fines, penalties, and freight claims. Like the old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words! 

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