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Warehouse Robot




One of the challenges manufacturers must address is getting finished goods to their final destination. This can be done through a variety of means, but coordinating freight movements through the supply chain, from raw materials to production to final distribution, presents risks at each transfer point. These risks include the possibility of freight being mishandled, mislabeled, or damaged.

In the case of a furniture manufacturer, common challenges include:

  • Furniture is produced overseas; finished product is packaged, stored locally, and shipped via container from local port.

  • Shipping containers arrive at the port of entry, are off-loaded, and transported to a warehouse where it is unloaded and stored.

  • Freight is transferred to a truckload or LTL carrier for transport to a regional distribution point, warehouse or retailer. Cargo may be unpacked, inspected and repackaged for delivery to it’s final distribution point.

  • Furniture is delivered to a retailer or custom end point.


At each handling point, there is an opportunity for freight to be mishandled, mispackaged or damaged. Any of these occurrences can result in chargebacks including fines, penalties, or damage claims. As these charges accumulate, they have a significant negative impact on a manufacturer's bottom-line financial results.

Without a viable “proof of condition” solution, manufacturers have no ability to hold logistics providers accountable and end up carrying the burden of these costly chargebacks.



CargoShot is designed from the ground up to provide an easy-to-use solution to document “proof of condition” as cargo moves through the supply chain. 

While it’s common to take photos of damaged or mishandled freight, it’s far less common to document the condition of freight at each transfer point before it’s been damaged or mishandled. Barriers include the lack of a common, easy-to-use solution for documenting, storing, and retrieving this information. Beyond that, it’s difficult to easily share the necessary information up and down the supply chain. 


CargoShot is purpose-built to ease the burden of documenting freight condition at each transfer point. The CargoShot mobile application is easily accessible from any Internet-equipped mobile device. Capturing order-specific data ensures easy retrieval in the future. By coupling this order data with photographs of pallets, cases, packaging, and trailer loading, CargoShot provides visual proof of condition at each transfer point. 

The resulting chain of condition data can be used to identify where and when freight has been mishandled, and ensure more targeted accountability and process improvement.

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